The Lambic beer of Oud Beersel is a unique beer that enjoys great fame all over the world.

The beer is only brewed during the colder months of the year and ferments spontaneously in a natural way thanks to the specific microflora and continues maturing in wooden barrels for up to 3 years. Lambic beer is the oldest still existing beer style in Belgium and goes back to even before 1300 AD. Until approximately 1860 Lambic beer was actually one of the only beers that was brewed in the region of Brussels, the Valley of the Senne and the Pajottenland.

Spontaneous fermentation comprises various fermentation phases which results in the complex and surprising character of the beer. The lactic fermentation results in a slightly sour beer. The wild yeasts, called Brettanomyces, provide the typical Lambic aroma. Furthermore, the Lambic of Oud Beersel is blessed with fruity flavours of green apples and pink grapefruit. Due to the maturation in wooden barrels this Lambic contains practically no carbon dioxide anymore.

This yellow blond nectar is both thirst-quenching and complex in taste and harmonizes perfectly with fish, game, white meat and cheese.

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